Dormakaba Micro Sites

Prototype Multimedia has provided micro sites for larger corporations (AICES and NVS Door under Mesker Door, and Classroom/Intruder Lock for Design Hardware) as well for specialised products to highlight the abilities and give a deeper description for these products.


This site has been created on behalf of the Dormakaba and their family of companies to let you know about our participation in The American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System (AIA-CES).

Classroom/Intruder Lock

Design Hardware, an industry leader in commercial locksets, hinges, closers, exit devices and more, is introducing The Classroom/Intruder Lock. Aside from placing quality and selection at the forefront of product development, Design Hardware also places an emphasis on safety and protection. The Classroom/Intruder lock is a commercial Grade 1 lockset that enables the "teacher" to lock or unlock the classroom door without having to open the door itself.

NVS Door

The NVS door from Mesker is the FULLY WELDED, Seamless Door that more than TRIPLES the STRENGTH of a normal door, with NO PUTTY or filler.

Design Hardware Install

Design Hardware has developed install videos to help demonstrate various installations of their products and have added the simplicity installers need. Packaged with easy-to-follow instructions and templates, Design Hardware's products are easy to install with the efficiency installation crews love.

Buy American

The Buy American Act is more than 75 years old. Passed by the U.S. Congress in 1933, the Act requires the U. S. government to purchase U.S. made products. As stated in '25.001 General' section of the Buy American Act, "This act restricts the purchase of supplies that are not domestic-end products for use within the United States." At Design Hardware and Mesker Door, we fully support the Buy American Act with our U.S. manufacturing. But we acknowledge that balancing American's global competitiveness while supporting U.S. manufacturing is not simple. So here, we directly address the Buy American Act, detailing how Design Hardware products qualify for most federal, state or military building projects. Four exemptions in the Buy American Act allow some foreign made products to comply with that act, including some of our Design Hardware products.

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